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Meet the Farmer


Hi, I'm Julie Hall. I'm a farmer/florist growing fresh cut flowers on 1-acre of land in beautiful Mapleton, UT. I'm also a mom to 8-year old twins, a writer, an avid reader and I love a good adventure!

No one is more surprised than me that I am farming flowers (except, maybe my parents!) I have always loved nature and beautiful things, but never imagined that I would be a farmer.

Before having my kids I worked in museums and art education and envisioned a pretty academic life for myself. But my husband and I ended up living in Mapleton and after experiencing the loss of our first son Jonah I found SO much peace and solace in gardening. I worked through a lot of difficult emotions as I pulled weeds and planted seeds. It was incredibly healing for me. 

One day I picked up Lisa Mason Ziegler's book Vegetables Love Flowers at the library and realized there are so many benefits to adding flowers to your garden, so I experimented with a few rows of zinnias and cosmos and was hooked!

I began selling flowers in 2020 and even though the world was tumultuous it was actually a great year to begin. It was a gift to be surrounded by beauty and share that beauty with others during such a difficult time.

I'm so grateful for the kindness I get to be a part of as people give my flowers to people they love. (That feeling is what keeps me going on hard days.) I am also learning everyday to lean into the challenge of growing a business and a flower farm and a young family at the same time! 

Thanks so much for being here! I can't wait to share some beauty with you. 

Maybe the desire to make something beautiful is 

the piece of God that is inside each of us.

- Mary Oliver

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