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Wholesale Flowers

I'm thrilled to offer local flowers to local florists. There are so many advantages for both florists and farmers in buying local. There are two ways that you can buy wholesale flowers from our farm. 


Rooted Farmers 

Our farm is a proud member of the Rooted Farmers network. We post our weekly availability there, and shopping through Rooted Farmers allows our designers to place their orders online, in real time. There is no cost for you to become a member!


On Rooted, designers have access to one-stop online shopping across multiple farms simultaneously, or you can choose to shop only from a specific farm if that is your preference. You are able to search for specific flowers, search by color, or search by design element.


Orders are paid for on delivery or pickup, as specified at the time of order. Ready to start buying our gorgeous flowers? All you have to do is apply here: (Note – it helps if you have your reseller certificate handy).

Utah Flower Market

The Utah Flower Market is a collective of local flower farmers who sell directly to florist throughout the summer. The market is held weekly from April-October at Grove Station in Pleasant Grove, UT. 

Florists can search inventory from participating farms and create orders in advance using the Rooted Farmers Platform. You can also purchase available flowers at the market. Please visit the Utah Flower Market site for more details. 

Utah FLower market logo.c88c9f11.png

Why buy local flowers?

There are so many benefits to buying local flowers. Did you know:

  • Local flowers are better for the environment and are more sustainable.

  • Local flowers are truly fresh, often cut the morning you buy them.

  • We don't use harmful pesticides like many large commercial farms.

  • You can find unique varieties that don't ship well - like dahlias and zinnias.

  • They smell better! Commodity flowers often are bred in a way that they lose their natural scent.

  • When you buy local you are supporting small farms and local ecosystems.

Rooted Farmers
Utah Flower Market
Why Buy Local Flowers?
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