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Farm and Garden Consultation

Do you want to grow your own cut flowers? I would love to share my experience with you so that you can conserve your valuable time, money and energy. Learn from my mistakes and get a jumpstart on creating a beautiful and abundant cut flower farm or home garden.

Let's Grow Together

I've been growing and selling cut flowers for 5 seasons and have learned so much!

  • Current President of the Utah Flower Market

  • Farmer/Florist at Maple Bloom Flower Farm

  • Experience with both retail and wholesale sales

  • Taken classes from Floret Flowers, Jennie Love, The Gardener's Workshop, Ellen Frost, and Rooted Farmers.

  • Consistently doubled sales each growing season.

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Save Time

Time is your most limited resource. On your own it can often take a whole season of mistakes to course correct. A one-hour consultation will pay dividends in conserving your time and helping you work more efficiently. 


Save Money

It's easy to spend a lot of money on seeds, supplies and classes that give you very little return on your investment. I will help you focus on what you really need to grow a beautiful cut flower garden or a profitable business.


Save Energy

It's true that flower farming requires a lot of hard work, but there are ways to do it more efficiently. Investing in automated systems, the right tools, and specialized education can save you years of frustration.

The information you need!

There is so much information available on the internet and social media about flower farming, and a lot of it is good. But it can be difficult to integrate all of that information into a useful plan that takes into consideration your unique circumstances, growing zone, lifestyle, and needs. (Do you have young kids? Deer that eat your plants? Soil compacted by horses? Flooding potential?) There are so many factors that can affect the choices you make on your farm. 

We also live in a very unique climate that requires a different set of skills than the Pacific Northwest or the Midwest where many flower influencers are located. 


The benefit of a personal consultation is that we can start with you in mind. I can tailor our conversation to meet your unique needs and offer follow-up calls to adjust and adapt throughout the season. 


Topics we can address: 

  • Farm/garden layout and planning

  • Improving soil health

  • How and where to sell your flowers

  • Ideal plants to grow

  • Plants to avoid

  • Managing pests and disease

  • How to set your prices

My focus in these consultations is improving your growing capability and helping you market and sell your flowers. Please note that I cannot offer financial or tax advice - although I'm happy to share my own experience. 

Consultation Details: 

I'm happy to consult with you in your growing space or remotely via zoom or over the phone. 

One-Time Consultation: $100 per hour*
Consultation Package: $175 (Includes one hour consultation & 2 additional 30-minute follow up calls)

*Additional fees apply for travel time, gas and mileage. 

Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled. Venmo is my preferred payment method, but please let me know if you need to pay another way.

Request a Consultation

Don't hesitate to reach out! I would love to connect with you to see if a one-on-one consultation is right for you. 

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